Return Policy


In order for us to supply our next customer with an exchange item of equal quality with the documentation acceptable to the regulatory authorities, we would appreciate your attention to the following core return requirements.

  1. AA copy of an API document is required and should be attached when the core is returned. This could be a copy of the packing sheet or invoice on which the part was purchased.
  2. Cores should be carefully repackaged to preclude shipping damage. Reuse the original packing material/methods supplied where possible.
  3. Cores must be returned with service data documentation by a licensed mechanic or authorized repair station. Use that Parts Information Tag (Component Return Form – DAS CRF1) for that purpose. The Parts Information Tag must be filled out completely.
  4. Installing agencies and repair station certification holders may identify return cores with their own approved repairable parts tag in lieu of (Component Return Form – DAS CRF1) provided that the same information is supplied.

    API reserves the right to return cores at customer expense and not issue core credit for cores that are BER (Beyond Economic Repair), incomplete data tags, disassembled, not like for like part number or it the core returned exceeds normal run out condition and is going to incur charges over and above that standard overhaul. API will provide bill back notification to the customer within 45 days from receipt of the core if over and above or core unacceptability should be identified. Cores must be returned to API, unless otherwise directed by AERO PACIFIC INDUSTRIES LIMITED, within 30 days for Domestic orders/45 days for International orders from the date of shipment.

    For your benefit we have enclosed our return policy. If it becomes necessary for you to return a component purchased from API, we will be able to respond to your claim more efficiently if you follow these guidelines.
  5. Requests to return components must be made within 30 days from date of shipment.
  6. Reports of shortage in shipment must be made within 10 days from Invoice Date.
  7. Normal Handling Charges are 25% on stock items. Recertification charges may also be applied to the return of specific parts. All costs will be credited including freight, in the case of a API error.
  8. All returns must have prior approval to return* and should be returned with all freight and custom charges prepaid. Items with prior approval will be processed in a more timely manner. A copy of the bar coded Return Authorization form should be included in the shipment./li>
  9. Original documentation, which includes all NAA/FAA Airworthiness Documentation furnished with the original shipment, must accompany the part.
  10. Please reuse the original packing material/methods where possible.
  11. Rotables must have all original supplier paperwork. Statically sealed items must be returned unopened.
  12. Claims to the carrier should be submitted upon receipt for carton damage. If it becomes necessary to submit your claim to API, a copy of your claim and /or correspondence with the carrier must be also be submitted. Claims filed to API must be within 10 days from invoice date.
*NOTE: For return approval please contact a API Customer Service Representative at +44 (0) 1481 210 160

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